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St. Geneve Down Comforters

St. Geneve down filled comforters are guaranteed 20 years against any defect in materials and/or workmanship, providing that the comforter has been reasonably cared for, and that a duvet cover has been used at all times. All St. Geneve comforters are sewn in a sealed baffle box design so that the filling is guaranteed to stay in place, and never shift into another compartment for the life of the duvet.

There are several pieces of a puzzle that all contribute to the quality of down bedding. These are the down filling, the fabric covering or ticking, the design, and the workmanship. The most comfortable comforters are the warmest and lightest. You will notice the fill weights (weight of the down) are lower for high quality down comforters because the downs  used have tremendous insulating power and puff up to be very thick, yet very lightweight. This is made possible by St. Geneve's expertise in design and the choice of mature downs with high loft, density, and clinging ability.

All St. Geneve luxury style down proof coverings are made with genuine Egyptian Species Cotton, which are milled in Germany. Germany is world famous for weaving the finest down proof cloths, and St. Geneve has had a long relationship with one of Germany's best mills. This mill has been making down proof ticking for generations. They have the expertise to weave and finish fabric that is very lightweight and soft, yet will remain down proof for decades.

For the finest duvets, nothing less will suffice.

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