Lyocell Sheets & Bedding

About Tencel Lyocell Sheets & Bedding, courtesy of Lenzing Fibers.  Tencel Lyocell can be found in many products, however we highly recommend the award- winning European luxury Legna Sheets, Bedding, Towels and Robes from SDH.  For the complete Legna Sheet, Bedding, and Towel line, click here: Legna Lyocell Sheets & Bedding


Every night is a special night with TENCEL sheet sensations. TENCEL excites the senses in a way that no other fiber can, to give you the most satisfying sleep ever. Its cool and sensual touch, in-built freshness and lustrous good looks combine together in the purest of fibers on the market. TENCEL really is sensational! Anyone who has ever experienced TENCEL bed sheets will never again wish to sleep on anything else!


TENCEL sheets have a beautiful flowing drape and the brilliant luster of silk and also boast easy-care properties to beat cotton. TENCEL is simple to launder and ironing is much easier than with conventional sheets. TENCEL will keep its color and exceptional appearance wash after wash. Take a look, seeing is believing!


TENCEL has a cool and sensual touch for that extra special comfort. The super smoothness and in-built moisture control capabilities of TENCEL help you to keep cool when others are not. But TENCEL is not just feel good, it is also especially kind and gentle to the skin. In contrast, the surface of cotton fiber is typically much rougher, irregular and more irritating to sensitive skin types.


TENCEL is produced from wood by means of a process that respects the environment and uses no pesticides or other potentially harmful chemicals. This means TENCEL is pure and soothing next to the skin. Independent studies have shown that these characteristics together with the natural moisture control of TENCEL produce a significant improvement in the well-being of people with very sensitive skin.

This combination of properties and the ecological nature of the fiber itself make TENCEL bed sheets a "must-have" and a dream come true for everyone.


TENCEL has a unique moisture control capability that comes from its internal structure of very fine nanofibrils inside the fiber. These nanofibrils work together like a network of tiny canals that conjure away moisture to enhance your comfort as you sleep.

Control of moisture by TENCEL nanofibrils generates an excellent comfort zone next to the skin. Also, with less moisture, the growth of bacteria on fibers is inhibited.
Without bacteria, mold and mites similarly find life more difficult. All this is achieved without the use of added chemicals that otherwise might be harmful to sensitive skin.

TENCEL is extracted from wood and is 100% bio-degradable. The wood used is taken from tree farms which practice sustainability and is guaranteed by the PEFC quality seal and the international FSC label. It is a good feeling to go to bed with TENCEL.

Caring for your Tencel Lyocell Sheets & Bedding (we added this as it gets asked a lot).
Caring for Lyocell sheets is easy. (Always refer to the specific Manufacturer directions for specific details).  As with any natural product you want to wash and dry on LOW heat, preferably washing in cold water, and use a gentle detergent.  Don't overdry either. Many people make the mistake of washing sheets and towels in hot water and drying on high heat, which is probably the worst thing you can do.  Please don't make that mistake!  Your bedding and linens will last much longer and feel much nicer.