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The best, top rated luxury towels and bath rugs.

Indulge yourself in bath linens made from Egyptian Cotton, Beechwood Modal, and Bamboo towels from the world's top brands.  A wide variety of luxury linens for the bath with towels in many sizes, colors and textures are within, from lines such as Missoni, Abyss, Habidecor, Matouk, Legna, and Nandina.  Coordinate your luxury towel collections with exceptional quality Labrazel, Mike & Ally & Match Pewter vanity sets and bath accessories.

Choosing luxury bath linens and towels is a personal matter.  Some people prefer the incredible softness and silkiness of our Nandina Organic Cotton & Bamboo towels, some prefer the very soft, long loop Abyss Super Pile towel, and others may wish to opt for the fluffy and soft zero twist Matouk Milagro, they are all extremely popular options for high end bath linens. We have used many of the luxury bathroom towels here and they are all good and distinctly different.  Usually it comes down to feel, color options, and size availability.

When choosing a luxury bath towel you should consider the following:
a. The type and quality of the material
b. The length of the loops.  Longer loop towels will usually be softer and often more absorbent.
c. The density of the loops.  A towel with a a greater number of loops per square inch indicates it will be more absorbent.
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