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Best Bath Towels
Best Bath Towels

Many factors go into making a quality bath towel.  We have personally used all of these towels and have found them to be superior in one or more ways.  Every individual will have different criteria for determining what they consider to be the best bath towel available, and here are some of ours:

Drying Power:  Obviously a good bath towel has to dry you well, otherwise what is the point?  Each of these towels does an excellent job in that department.  Standouts here are the Abyss Super Pile 

Durability:  Some of these towels are quite expensive, and you don't want your hard earned dollars fall apart after only a few uses.  We also consider how well these excellent bath towels hold on to the properties that make them such great towels - softness, colorfastness, etc.  We recommend the Abyss Super Pile or abyss twill towels.

Softness:  Some people value towel softness above all else.  While we agree it should be a consideration, we also take the first two criteria into account first, after all, the main purpose of a quality towel is to dry your body, and some of the best towels in that department aren't necessarily the softest.  However, if towel softness is a key factor to you, then the Abyss Super Pile or Matouk Milagro towels are two excellent choices.
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