Eiderdown Information

Unveiling the Splendor of Eiderdown: Nature's Pinnacle of Comfort

Exploring the Rich History and Unmatched Qualities of Genuine Eiderdown

When it comes to bedding, there's a secret that transcends all other options-genuine Eiderdown. Its warmth, softness, and quality are unparalleled, making it the crème de la crème of comfort. Let's dive into the fascinating world of Eiderdown and discover why it's truly the best.

A Royal Affair: Christian IV's Vision

In 1651, Christian IV of Denmark, captivated by the extraordinary attributes of Eiderdown, commissioned the creation of artificial colonies of Eider Ducks in Northern Norway. This visionary move aimed to ensure a constant supply of this exceptional duvet for both personal and courtly use.

The Evolution of "Eiderdown"

Originally sourced from the beautiful northern bird, the Eider Duck, "Eiderdown" once specifically referred to quilts filled with its down. Over time, it became the generic term for any down-filled comforter. However, genuine Eiderdown as a quilt filling ceased about two centuries ago due to the near-extinction of the Eider Duck.

Conservation Triumph: Protecting the Eider Duck

Today, laws protect the Eider Duck, allowing careful collection of down from their nests without disturbance. Each Eiderdown plumule, with its tiny hooks and microfilaments, forms a structure that traps the tiniest of air pockets.

The Science of Warmth: Insulation Unveiled

Eiderdown's insulation brilliance lies in the air pockets it traps, not the down itself. Its ability to cling ensures an even, fine layer of insulation that surpasses any other material, be it natural or manmade.

Shiftlessness and Supreme Comfort

Eiderdown's unique clinging ability isn't just about insulation; it's about staying put. Unlike other downs that shift within the duvet chamber, Eiderdown remains steadfast, ensuring the most comfortable sleep.

St. Geneve's Legacy: Crafting Heirloom Eiderdown Duvets

For those who demand the very best, St. Geneve has been a beacon of quality. Their Eiderdown duvets, meticulously crafted for years, provide unparalleled comfort in various conditions. Eiderdown boasts a broad comfort range-cozy and warm in winter, light and airy in the scorching summer.

A Closing Note: Embrace the Breathability

Remember, on a hot summer night, nothing rivals the comfort of nothing! Embrace the luxury and breathability of Eiderdown, where nature's perfection meets the pinnacle of comfort.

Disclaimer: This blog post is a celebration of the unique qualities of Eiderdown. Conservation and ethical practices are paramount in the collection of Eiderdown, ensuring the protection of the Eider Duck.