Labrazel - Care and Cleaning

CARE AND CLEANING of Labrazel Bath Furnishings

Like any other fine, handcrafted products, Labrazel bath accessories should be handled with care. Labrazel bath products are not dishwasher-safe and should not be cleaned with harsh detergents, glass cleaners or abrasive cleansers. We recommend a soft cloth and pure, mild soap for general cleaning. Pewter items can be polished with commercially available metal polishes.  See the complete collection of Labrazel Vanity Sets:


Labrazel metal pump mechanisms are engineered in Italy and cast in brass and authentic pewter.

Labrazel solid brass pump tops are offered in a variety of plated finishes. To specify a finish other than the one shown in our catalog, just specify it on your order. There is no charge to change the finish.

Brass pump tops are not an option for our pewter pump dispeners, which are custom-fitted with matching pewter pump tops.

Labrazel pump tops are designed for years of trouble-free performance. The pumps should be flushed and cleaned with water periodically to avoid clogging.