Micro Modal Sheets & Bedding

About Modal Sheets & Bedding 

Soft as silk, even cooler than cotton, and long lasting (with care), Micro Modal is becoming very popular as a bed linen. You will find exceptional examples of this fabric at J Brulee in the incredible Schlossberg's Solid Modal Beechwood, and several offerings from St. Geneve. You also will want to look at SDH's Legna Lyocell sheets, towels, and bedding as they are also a wood fiber bedding product. You will find all of these products here: Modal & Lyocell Sheets & Bedding

Keep in mind that while the Schlossberg, St. Geneve and the Scandia Home sheets & bedding are Modal fabrics, they are distinctly different. Just as in cotton sheeting, the way the Modal fabric is produced and finished can have a profound impact on the end bedding product. We have seen some rather poor examples of Modal sheets and can say from experience that they have a long way to go to get to Schlossberg or St. Geneve standards. Like just about anything else in life, you get what you pay for, and this goes doubly so for Modal bedding.

Also, don't think of this wonder fiber as being just for sheets. Modal also makes for splendid Duvet Cover and shams. Here in Tucson it's great to have a beautiful, lightweight, and breathable fabric for a duvet cover in the summer. Modal fabric is also very easy to care for, and as with any natural fiber it does best on low heat both in the washer and the dryer.

The secret to the Modal fibers success is pure beech wood. The cellulose produced is extracted from indigenous woods and used for the production of micro Modal. The quality is guaranteed through the control of the whole manufacturing process - from wood to fibre. The standard of the Modal raw material is decisive for the quality and makes Micro Modal so unmistakable.

Even after repeated washing, Micro Modal remains absorbent, soft and supple just like on the very first day. The smooth surface characteristics of the modal fibre make it impossible for lime scum to be deposited on the textile thus preventing fabric hardening after repeated washings.

Caring for Modal sheets is easy. (Always refer to the specific Manufacturer directions for specific details). As with any natural product you want to wash and dry on LOW heat, preferably washing in cold water, and use a gentle detergent. Don't overdry Modal either. Many people make the mistake of washing sheets and towels in hot water and drying on high heat, which is about the worst thing you can do to your sheets. Please don't make that mistake! Your bedding and linens will last much longer and feel much nicer.

Micro Modal is a incredibly soft, light and airy fabric made from beech wood cellulose. Most of our line's Modal threads are made in Austria, and is then woven in Italy, Sweden, or Germany. Because Modal is a natural fibre, Micro Modal® breathes 50% better than cotton, and remains soft and silky even after numerous machine washings when cared for properly.

Micro Modal Textiles are exceptionally light in terms of the structure. Ten thousand meters of this micro fibre will weigh only one single gram. The low fibre stiffness of Micro Modal makes it a natural softening agent.

Cotton (1st picture is new, second is after use and washing):

Micro Modal (1st picture is when new, 2nd is after use and washing)