About Silk

Caring for Your Silk: Our Guide to Silk Sheet and Garment Maintenance

Immerse yourself in the luxurious world of silk with our expert guide. Delicate yet durable, silk is a treasure that requires specific care to retain its unmatched beauty and strength. Whether it's for St. Geneve silk bed linens or exquisite silk nightwear, this guide ensures your silk items remain in pristine condition, enhancing their longevity and ensuring they continue to provide unparalleled comfort and elegance.

The Essence of Silk Care

Silk's remarkable durability and lightweight nature make it a favored material for a range of premium products, from parachutes to high-end garments. However, its protein-based composition demands a careful, gentle approach to cleaning. This guide outlines the essential steps and precautions to keep your silk items as lustrous as the day you acquired them.

Gentle Washing Instructions

Silk thrives with a gentle touch. Use only pure, mild soaps-those safe enough for your skin are safe for your silk. Adhere to these key principles for washing silk: utilize gentle machine cycles at medium temperatures, opt for the highest water level, and maintain consistent temperatures for washing and rinsing. Avoid wringing; instead, opt for air-drying or a gentle tumble dry on low heat. For added protection, turn items inside out and use a lingerie bag. If ironing is necessary, do so on the silk setting and when the fabric is slightly damp.

What to Avoid

To preserve silk's integrity, steer clear of bleach, brighteners, harsh detergents, alkaline cleaners, pre-soak agents, fabric softeners, and enzyme-based cleaners. Be wary of specialty soaps not explicitly designed for silk. Additionally, shield your silk from direct contact with alcohol-based products like perfumes and hairsprays, as well as acetone.

Maintenance and Preservation

Prevent silk from becoming excessively soiled to avoid permanent damage or staining from perspiration. Protect silk from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight to prevent damage akin to sunburn.

Concluding Thoughts

Silk is a testament to luxury and comfort, deserving of the extra care it demands. By following these guidelines, you ensure your silk bed linens and garments maintain their quality and elegance for years to come.