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Linen Towels
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Leitner Marcelle Linen Towels
Leitner Marcelle Linen Towels
10 Colors
J Brulee Home offers an edited selection of linen and linen blend towels.  Because linen towels dry out quicker than cotton towels, they are great for boats, gyms, and for home.  Linen towels are also very absorbent and have much less line than cotton terry towels...think about how well a linen dish towel dries a glass compared to cotton and you will see how superior linen is.

Linen towels also take up far less space in the dryer and washer (as well as your closet).  Adding to their benefits is the natural durability of linen over cotton.  And although using linen towels take a little adjustment, the great thing is they get softer and even more wonderful the more they are used, as well as being naturally exfoliating.

J Brulee feels that you should consider adding some linen towels to your daily life, especially if you like the rustic and old-world charm that they offer.  They are also a very unique option to use in your guest bath, sure to create conversation about how wonderful and charming they are to use.