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Goose Down Comforters & Duvets
Goose Down is nature's finest insulator. Down keeps you cozy in winter and also provides a light breathable layer in warmer weather. Unlike feathers, which are flat and 2-dimensional, down clusters are structured somewhat like snowflakes with dozens of soft, fine filaments. High quality goose down comforters such as Scandia Down, St. Geneve and Sferra only use premium down from mature birds that have superior down clusters. As the filaments "loft" (expand and fluff), they create thousands of tiny warmth pockets, trapping air and body heat, keeping you comfortable and making our down so luxuriously lightweight.

What distinguishes some qualities of goose down from others?

All goose down is not the same. Down from larger, more mature birds offers a higher "fill power" which simply means more insulation and more warmth with much less weight. So, when comparing goose down comforters, fill power is a good measure of quality.

Some information on Down Quality & Fill Power:

- Higher fill powers mean that the down clusters are larger.
- The larger the down cluster the higher the quality.
- The higher the quality the longer it will retain it's loft and firmness.
- The larger the down cluster the more mature the bird from which it came.
- The larger the down cluster the more air it traps.
- The larger the down cluster the more it will loft and puff up.
- The larger the down cluster the better the insulating power.
- The larger the down cluster the lighter the down pillow, down comforter or feather bed will be.
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