Abyss Towel and Habidecor Bath Rug Color Chart

Explore a Spectrum of Colors: Abyss and Habidecor Bath Linens and Rugs

Immerse yourself in a world of color with our premium collection of bath linens and rugs from Abyss and Habidecor. Elevate your bathroom aesthetic with an extensive palette of hues, carefully curated to suit every taste and style.

Abyss Towel and Habidecor Rug Color Chart.

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Due to variances between monitor displays we recommend you order Abyss + Habidecor color swatches to view the color in person as most of Abyss + Habidecor items are made to order. Also, many of these colors are available to be used for custom size bath rugs.

Abyss Super Pile Towels, Abyss Twill Towels, Abyss Robes, Habidecor Reversible and Habidecor Must rugs available in the following colors: 100 White, 101 Ecru, 103 Ivory, 165 Apple Green, 205 Forest, 210 Aqua, 214 Opal, 230 Emerald, 235 Ice, 275 Khaki, 277 Laurel, 280 Evergreen, 302 Lagoon, 304 Marina, 306 Bluestone, 307 Denim, 309 Atlantic, 314 Navy, 320 Duck, 325 Dragonfly, 330 Powder Blue, 332 Cadette Blue, 335 Indigo, 364 Regatta, 370 Turquoise, 393 Zanzibar, 401 Figue, 430 Lupin, 440 Orchid, 501 Pink Lady, 509 Vineyard, 512 Rosewood, 515 Rosette, 518 Primrose, 519 Sedona, 552 Lipstick, 565 Flame, 570 Happy Pink, 573 Flamingo, 575 Cosmos, 610 Nude, 614 Tangerine, 625 Blush, 685 Terracotta, 711 Taupe, 714 Sand, 737 Caramel, 770 Linen, 771 Funghi, 803 Popcorn, 830 Banana, 840 Gold, 850 Safran, 920 Gris, 930 Perle, 940 Atmosphere, 950 Cloud, 992 Platinum, 990 Black, 993 Metal

Abyss Super Pile Towels
Experience luxury in color with Abyss Super Pile Towels. From the classic purity of White and Ivory to the vibrant tones of Apple Green, Marina, and Lipstick, our towels are not just a daily essential but a statement of your personal style.

Abyss Twill Towels
Indulge in sophistication with Abyss Twill Towels, where texture meets color. Choose from a range of serene Aqua and Opal to the bold Denim and Regatta, adding a touch of elegance to your bathroom decor.

Abyss Robes
Wrap yourself in your favorite color with Abyss Robes. Whether you prefer the timeless appeal of Ecru and Navy or the bold statement of Lipstick and Terracotta, our robes are designed to complement your unique style.

Habidecor Reversible Rugs
Transform your space with the versatile Habidecor Reversible Rugs, available in a spectrum of colors. From the subtle Perle and Cloud to the dramatic Zanzibar and Flame, these rugs let you express your creativity in your bathroom decor.

Habidecor Must Rugs
Discover opulence in color with Habidecor Must Rugs. With options like Safran, Rosewood, and Platinum, these rugs provide a rich, dense pile that allows you to customize your bathroom with sophistication.

Personalize Your Sanctuary
At J Brulee Home, we understand that your bathroom is your sanctuary. That's why we offer an extensive array of colors, allowing you to personalize your space and create an oasis of comfort and style.

Shop by Color - Explore our collection and find the perfect color to complement your bathroom decor. Whether you prefer serene neutrals or bold statement hues, our bath linens and rugs are designed to add a touch of luxury to your daily routine.