Luxury Bedding Benefits

Luxury Bedding

Why You Should Buy Luxury Bedding

It may not seem to make much of a difference on the surface, but quality linens can mean the difference between catching a good night's sleep, and spending the night tossing and turning in restlessness. If you can snag yourself a set of cool, crisp sheets that you barely feel, then get ready to catch some Z's. But if you're finding yourself wrapped in an embrace of rough, clingy fabric, it might be time to make a wise investment in sheets that will improve your sleep.


Thread Count


The thread count in a set of linens is no small factor when it comes to comfort and quality. A higher thread count means a tighter weave, and a tighter weave generally indicates a more durable piece of fabric. But it's also important to pay attention to ply, as some manufacturers will use ply to up the thread count artificially. The ply refers to the number of threads wound together to create a single thread. The best linens are a single-ply. Rather than only looking at thread count or ply separately, look for the highest thread count that you can find in a single-ply. 


Material Matters


Quality bedding is a world of its own, and there are many options to choose from when it comes to material. Your choice of material might vary a little by season, but ultimately the material of your sheets will come down to a matter of your personal preference. Cotton percale will keep things cool and crisp, while cotton sateen will feel smooth and satiny to the touch. If you're looking at oxford sheets, think shirt material, and jersey blend refers to the stretchier fabric used in t-shirts. There is a laundry list just of the specific types and styles of cottons you can choose from when you're working with the highest quality materials available. If the limited selection of commercial, inexpensive sheets just aren't cutting it, rest assured that there will be a style of luxury linens to perfectly suit your needs and desires. When you purchase luxury linens, you can guarantee high quality no matter what style or material appeals to you most. You won't have to worry about settling for subpar fabric that won't feel quite the way it's supposed to. As they say, you get what you pay for.


Hot or Cold?


It's important to keep temperature in mind when choosing your bedding, because not being too hot or too cold is a huge part of comfort, and comfort can make or break a good night's sleep. Luxury bedding will ensure that your crisp, cool fabrics stay crisp and cool so that you won't be up late sweating on a hot summer's night. It will also make sure your thick, cozy sheets keep you nice and warm and don't leave you shivering with blue toes in the dead of winter. When you purchase luxury bedding, you get to choose what suits you best, right down to temperature and how you'll feel when you're wrapped up in the sheets. 




When you buy any type of luxury item, you can expect that because it has been made with the highest quality materials, you're not going to need to replace it anytime soon. This would be a basic assumption when buying a luxury watch or handbag, and the same applies to luxury linens. These sheets are made of high quality cotton, which is not cheap, but you'll know why they're called "luxury" the minute you fall into bed. They will give you your money's worth and with the appropriate care they will last you many years of restful and comfortable sleep. 


All in all, luxury linens are so soft and welcoming that you won't even need to sleep in pajamas if you don't want to. They might cost a little more upfront, but when you factor in years of use, in a comfortable and inviting bed that you can't wait to collapse into at the end of a long day, high quality linens are a luxury item that are well worth the price tag. Sleep is the body's reset button, so it is important to do it right. The bed is one area of the home where it's worth going the extra mile, and quality sheets are definitely a splurge-worthy investment in comfort and overall health.