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St. Geneve Lajord Down Comforters

St. Geneve Lajord Down Comforters
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Name: St. Geneve Lajord Down Comforters
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Manufacturer Name: St. Geneve

Canadian Craftsmanship: The Story of Lajord White Goose Down

Embrace Tranquility with St. Geneve's Lajord Goose Down Comforter

Step into a realm of serene comfort with St. Geneve's Lajord Goose Down Comforter, a testament to the craftsmanship of the Canadian Hutterite Colonists. Rooted in their devotion to a simple agricultural lifestyle, this comforter encapsulates the essence of their farming legacy and commitment to a peaceful existence. These items are made to order in Canada, please allow 3-6 weeks for shipment.

Immerse yourself in the warmth of Lajord White Goose Down, sourced from a special farm in Saskatchewan. These free-range geese, raised with generations of farming wisdom, produce down with a loft of 850 cubic inches per ounce-making it the most coveted domestic down in North America. This down, carrying the Zurguard® certification, ensures a hypoallergenic sanctuary for your sleep.

Dual Zone Comfort: Tailoring Warmth to Your Needs

Experience personalized luxury with the St. Geneve Lajord Goose Down Comforter in Dual Zone. Just as the Hutterite Colonists respect individual differences, this option allows for varying warmth requirements. Whether you crave the cocooning warmth of winter weight or the light embrace of summer weight, contact us for details on how this comforter can cater to your unique preferences.

A Tradition of Excellence in Agriculture

Rooted in centuries of farming heritage, the Canadian Hutterite Colonists have perfected the art of agriculture, each colony specializing in unique practices. The Lajord White Goose Down, with its roots in Saskatchewan, embodies the meticulous care and expertise these colonists bring to raising free-range geese. St. Geneve, honoring this tradition, takes the entire annual production, ensuring the loft of 850 cubic inches per ounce is the most prized in North America.

Zurguard® Certification - Ensuring Hypoallergenic Comfort

We prioritize not only the luxurious feel of our bedding but also the health and well-being of our customers. The Lajord Goose Down Comforter carries the Zurguard® certification, guaranteeing a hypoallergenic sanctuary for your sleep. This certification reflects our commitment to providing a sleep environment that is not only indulgent but also safe and healthy. Experience the bliss of a truly restful night's sleep, knowing that every detail has been considered to enhance your well-being.




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