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Abyss Towels & Habidecor Bath Rugs

Abyss Towels + Habidecor Rugs Online : Best Quality Bathroom Rugs and Towels

Beautiful. Trendy. Stylish. Gentle. Fashionable. Original. Generous. All excellent descriptions of Abyss + Habidecor - Luxury Bath Towels & Bath Rugs. Habidecor represents the best quality bathroom rugs available. Complete collection including the extremely popular Abyss Super Pile towel, the Habidecor Must rug and Reversible Rug. The Must rug and Reversible rugs in particular are high quality bath rugs that many people order again and again. If you need a custom size bath rug in square, round or rectangle, then the Habidecor Must, Reversible, or Origine rugs are great options as they can be custom sized. The Abyss & Habidecor lines are one of our favorites due to the great colors, wonderful feel, and overall quality. 
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Discontinued Colors: ABYSS + Habidecor
Discontinued Colors: ABYSS + Habidecor
Discontinued Colors
When it comes to towels, some people seem to value softness above all else. Others obsess over color fastness. And for some people, absorbency is of most importance. With the Abyss Super Pile towel, you get all three. The Super Pile towel has been flaunted as the best towel, period. The towels are piece-dyed for deep colorfastness and offer the most vibrant, luscious colors available. They are made from 100% Egyptian cotton, making them extra soft, supremely absorbent and durable. Abyss Super Pile towels are preshrunk, so there are no surprises after you wash them. These are our most popular towels, and one of our favorites. There are additional Abyss towels in patterns and textures if you’re looking for something more traditional. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

If you are looking for pattern and design, Habidecor fine bath rugs offer a variety of classy simplistic patterns, gorgeous textures and colors. Luxury bath textile manufacturer Abyss & Habidecor can also produce custom colored towels, bath rugs, and bath robes. Distinctive colors are matched as closely as possible to whatever is provided as a reference -- it can be a tile, swatch of fabric or paint color.

If you’re just not sure, and you need a little help deciding, our design consultants are happy to assist.
Why not treat yourself to a little luxury?

Abyss Super Pile Towels, Abyss Twill Towels, Abyss Robes, Habidecor Reversible and Habidecor Must rugs available in the following colors: 100 White, 101 Ecru, 103 Ivory, 162 Light Green, 165 Apple Green, 203 Jungle, 204 Khaki, 205 Forest, 208 Fougere, 210 Aqua, 211 Citronelle, 212 Olive Oil, 226 Sage, 290 Peppermint, 301 Peacock, 302 Lagoon, 304 Marina, 305 Crystal, 306 Bluestone, 307 Denim, 308 Blue Night, 330 Powder Blue, 332 Cadette Blue, 370 Turquoise, 380 Hawaii, 402 Dalhia, 420 Lilas, 430 Lupin, 490 Purple, 501 Pink Lady, 502 Hibiscus, 535 Confetti, 553 Rouge, 555 Wisteria, 570 Happy Pink, 580 Begonia, 590 Corail, 603 Spicy, 604 Touriga, 605 Mandarin, 606 Scarlett, 635 Orange, 666 Persimmon, 711 Taupe, 770 Linen, 771 Funghi, 772 Dark Brown, 773 Pepper, 774 Shell, 802 Sunset, 803 Popcorn, 830 Banane, 840 Gold, 885 Camel, 920 Gris, 940 Atmosphere, 950 Cloud, 990 Black, 992 Platinum, 993 Metal