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St. Geneve Bedding & Sheets

Embrace the Elegance of St Geneve Bedding

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St Geneve Coperta Blankets and Throws
St Geneve Coperta Blankets and Throws
Cotton + Wool Blend
Luxurious Legacy: St Geneve Linens

Dive into the lap of luxury with St Geneve linens. These aren't just bed linens; they're a tradition of comfort and elegance passed down through generations. Each piece is a blend of sophistication and serenity, crafted from the finest materials like Egyptian Cotton and pure silk. Feel the difference as you slip into bed, greeted by the soft, embracing touch of linens that whisper quality and luxury. Perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life, St Geneve linens turn your bedroom into a haven of relaxation and tranquility.

Dream Weaver: St Geneve Duvet Covers

Envelop yourself in the dreamy embrace of St Geneve duvet covers. Designed for the discerning, each duvet cover is a masterpiece of design and comfort. The delicate balance of warmth and breathability ensures a restful sleep through every season. Whether you're a fan of minimalist elegance or bold patterns, there's a St Geneve duvet cover to match your style. Easy to care for and designed to last, these duvet covers are more than an investment in your comfort; they're an investment in your well-being.

The Ultimate Comfort: St Geneve Sheets

Complete your sanctuary of sleep with St Geneve sheets. Crafted for comfort, these sheets are the final touch your bed needs. Made from premium fibers, they promise a smooth, soothing touch against your skin, ushering you into a peaceful slumber. The high thread count and meticulous weaving process result in sheets that are not only soft but durable. Available in a range of colors and patterns, these sheets are the perfect combination of function and fashion, designed to enhance the quality of your sleep and the beauty of your bedroom.

St. Geneve is a small Canadian company that has been making luxury bedding, bed sheets and down pillows and down comforters for many years. 
Hand sewn in Canada, St. Geneve bed linens are made only from the highest quality pure silks, 100% Giza Egyptian Cotton, Modal, and Linen of the highest standards. The beautiful European fabrics St Geneve uses in their bedding are imported from Europe, crafted by respected and experienced mills from Germany to Italy. St. Geneve uses high quality fabrics, beautiful designs, and the finest craftsmanship to provide the highest standard of luxury bedding. Most of St. Geneve's products are customizable and available online at J Brulee Home.

St Geneve also crafts a wonderful range of down pillows and down comforters, all of which are available online at J Brulee Home. The St. Geneve pillows range from their washable Heirloom down pillows, filled with 600 fill power Canadian white goose down, to their popular Ziegler down pillows, filled with 850 fill power Polish white goose down, as well as the Salzburg down pillows, filled with 900 loft white goose down. For the Ziegler and Salzburg high quality downs they are available as down comforters as well.

Some popular St Geneve bedding options available for purchase online are the St Geneve Capri sateen sheets that are available in 98 colors which give you a wide range of options to coordinate to other bedding offerings, the Cambridge sheets and bedding which are a two tone option using their Capri sateen sheet fabrics, and several of their linen sheets and bedding offerings such as the St Geneve classic washed linen.

St Geneve's Fitted sheets are listed as being available in 12", 15" or 17" pockets, but they can easily be custom made in 8", 9", 10", 11", 14",16" pocket fitted sheets at no additional charge. 

If you like wonderful luxury silk sheets, be sure to check out St. Geneve's washable silk sheets and bedding.