About Custom Embroidery

Matouk Custom Embroidery & Tape: A World of Choices for your Embroidery and Monogramming Needs

Many of the Matouk products can be custom made with various thread or tape colors, as well as custom embroidery and monogramming, this is one of Matouk's key features. The sheer number of color options available make it very difficult to represent on a web page (Thread color options are over 1000!), plus different monitors and computer settings will show colors differently, so what you see on your screen may differ from what we see.

Therefore, if you are looking for a specific color or range, we have several options:

1. For Matouk embroidered items you can view the 150 most popular color options by clicking here, or you can order a Global A&E Thread Color book to view all possible embroidery colors, these books can be found at the following link:Global A&E Thread Chart
For items with custom Matouk Tape color options, you can view colors online by clicking here, or by ordering a Matouk Tape Sample Hanger from the following link:Matouk Tape Chart

2. You can view our color images of the DMC color chart at the following link:DMC Color Chart
This is a good starting point as we should be able to find very similar colors from the Global A&E Threads, and similar Matouk Tape colors may be available as well, let us know which DMC colors you are interested in.

3. If you have a swatch of fabric you can send it (or a good image of it) and we will do our best to match the color with the options available.

Monogram pricing for Matouk is determined by the type of embroidery selected, the complexity of the monogram style and the quantity of monograms with the same letters ordered in each size and style. Matouk offers two types of embroidery: Swiss (satin stitch) and Applique. Applique is usually the more expensive of the two and is not available on towels or other terry products. Any pricing we have quoted on the website for Matouk products is based on Swiss embroidery.

Matouk Monogram Style Options: