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Napkins: From Linen to Silk, Cotton to Easy Care blends, you will find a wide variety of wonderful napkins at J Brulee.  Sferra, Le Jacquard Francais, Bodrum, Ann Gish, Leitner, Missoni, Ekelund, St. Geneve and & More.  Napkins from France, Austria, Portugal, Italy, Turkey

Q: What size napkin do I need when entertaining?
A: The size of the napkin required varies based on the occasion. The goal is to have a good balance between the size and the utility of the napkins:
  • Small napkins, such as a 6x6″ square or a 6″ round, are perfect as coasters.
  • At a cocktail party, the 6x9″ napkin is preferred as it may be folded over for multiple uses.
  • For tea, the 13x13″ napkin is the size most often used.
  • A luncheon napkin should be 18x18″.
  • Dinner napkins can be a variety of sizes ranging from 20x20″ for casual dining to22x22″ or 24x24″ for more formal dinners.
  • The 27x27″ napkin is generally used for a formal buffet to provide enough length for one to drape it over the forearm while navigating the buffet table.
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