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Duvet Covers

What is a duvet cover, and what is a duvet? Is there a difference between them?

We find that many people in the United States say duvet when they are actually referring to a duvet cover, so this should help clarify the differences between them. A duvet is the same thing as a down comforter. It's a cloth bag usually filled with goose or duck down and/or feathers, although the duvet can also be filled with wool, silk or a man made fiber. Even though duvets or down comforters have a cloth outside cover, they are usually further covered with a removable duvet cover to protect them and also to provide a decorative look. A duvet cover is a protective and usually decorative fabric cover that is used to cover and protect the duvet itself. Picture a pillowcase on a pillow if you will.

You usually can wash duvet covers in the washing machine (some duvet covers need to be dry cleaned, depending on the material and construction), but most duvet's will need specialized cleaning (and a large washing machine). An advantage to using a duvet cover is that you can easily change the look, feel, color, etc of your bed by changing the duvet cover out. Some duvet covers are even reversible. Duvet covers can be made in a number of fabrics, including cotton, silk, rayon, suede, linen, etc.

Measuring for Duvets & Duvet Covers: Duvet's and Duvet Covers come in different sizes, it's important to keep this in mind when selecting a duvet cover or duvet. Usually dimensions are given in width first, length second, so a duvet cover that measures 102" x 90" would be 102" wide and 90" long. The duvet cover and duvet itself do not have to be the exact same size, however if in doubt its usually better to have the duvet be slightly larger than the duvet cover.
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Malouf French Linen Duvet Cover Sets
Malouf French Linen Duvet Cover Sets
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