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Le Blanc Towel Wash - A Customer Favorite

Le Blanc Towel Wash
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Le Blanc Towel Wash 

For Laundering Luxury Bath Linens
Safely clean luxury bath towels, mats, rugs, and robes without the use of added softening agents or optical brighteners. Le Blanc TOWELWASH? was formulated to protect fibers from drying out, fading or discoloration. Even after repeated washings, bath linens will remain luxuriously soft, strong, and absorbent. Summer Verbena Fragrance.

Why use this product? This product contains NO OPTICAL BRIGHTENERS or added SOFTENING AGENTS. Optical Brighteners will fade or discolor towels while the softening agents coat the yarns with a chemical that inhibits the fibers from breathing making them no longer absorbent.  Find out why our customers love Le Blanc Towel Wash.

For Safely Laundering
Luxury Bath Fibers


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