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St Geneve Eden Table Linens: Italian Elegance Meets Custom Design New

St Geneve Eden Table Linen Collection
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Name: St Geneve Eden Table Linen Collection
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Manufacturer Name: St. Geneve

Elevate Your Dining Experience: St Geneve Eden Table Linens

Tailored to Perfection: Custom Size Tablecloths.  Available in standard sizes and custom sizes.

Discover the luxury of custom-fit elegance with St Geneve Eden table linens. Custom-sized for your unique table dimensions, these tablecloths promise a flawless fit, adding a bespoke touch to your dining décor. Whether you have an oval, round, rectangle or square shaped table, the Eden collection ensures a sophisticated presentation, making every meal a special event.  Contact us with desired dimensions for a quote if the standard sizes available don't fit your table.  All items made to order in Canada and usually ship in 4-6 weeks.

Italian Craftsmanship: 100% Linen Fabric

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled quality of 100% Italian linen with the Eden collection. Sourced from Italy's finest linen producers, these tablecloths embody the essence of luxury and tradition. The fine sateen weave not only creates a beautiful drape but also imparts a subtle, natural sheen that enhances the table setting. The fabric's exquisite texture and durability make it perfect for both everyday use and special occasions.

Reversible Elegance: A Touch of Versatility

Experience the versatile beauty of the Eden table linens. These linens are thoughtfully designed to be reversible, offering two distinct looks in one. One side presents a solid, elegant expanse, while the other features a generous contrasting border with meticulously mitered corners. This dual-design aspect allows you to switch between a classic, understated style and a more striking, bordered look, perfect for complementing different themes and seasons.

Soft Sophistication: The Essence of Organic Simplicity

The St Geneve Eden collection is a celebration of organic simplicity and grace. The softness of the linen, combined with its sophisticated design, makes Eden a luxurious essential for your tabletop. Its understated elegance is ideal for creating an inviting atmosphere, whether you're hosting a formal dinner party or enjoying a quiet family meal.

Commitment to Quality: MASTERS OF LINEN® Certified European Flax

Align your dining experience with sustainability and quality. The Eden collection is made from MASTERS OF LINEN® certified European Flax, ensuring the highest standards of eco-friendly production. This certification guarantees that the linen is woven from the finest natural flax fibers, cultivated with environmentally conscious practices, giving you peace of mind while you dine in luxury.



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