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Le Blanc Linen Wash

Le Blanc Linen Wash
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Le Blanc Linen Wash 

Le Blanc Linen Wash is the original registered cold water cleanser as seen in House Beautiful, Victoria, and Family Circle magazines.  Le Blanc Linen Wash will safely and effectively remove the most difficult stains from washable bed, bath and table linens as well as antique linens, colored linens, lace, quilts, 100% cottons, synthetics and blends.

Linens both new and antique are conserved and restored by Le Blanc Linen Wash, the unique product designed especially for the care of all washable household linens. Le Blanc Linen Wash has a neutral pH balance making it safe for cleaning vintage linens, lace and even precious Egyptian cotton sheets. Yet it is effective in removing stains from red wine, lipstick, "foxing" or aging without the use of bleach, caustics or phosphates.

Bring out your finest linens at your next dinner gathering and put Le Blanc Linen Wash to the test. You will discover that your linens will come out beautifully clean, soft and delicately scented.

Le Blanc Portfolio Linen Wash: It?s all in the details. This alluring blend of classic woods and orange blossom are warmed with a hint of amber and vanilla to create an elegance of chic style. Designed by women, yet tailored for the modern day male.

Le Blanc Lavender Linen Wash: Let the calming aroma of lavender take over your senses. The traditional beauty of this fragrance will blanket your linens with a lasting tranquil freshness that is truly remarkable. Give your linens the treatment they deserve with the sweet aroma drifting from this lavender masterpiece.

Le Blanc Original Scent Linen Wash: Light Floral Scent

Le Blanc Linen Wash is SAFE
Many soaps and detergents contain harmful chemicals that can destroy fine fabrics, causing them to yellow and fall apart.

Hot Water vs. Cold Water
Many detergents require hot water to work properly. Hot water not only sets stains but shrinks fabrics. This is why LINEN WASH? is a cold-water wash.





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